2017 – a lookback

2017 – a lookback

This post will be a bit more about what I do outside The Creative Kelpie than the ones I usually share. This blog is dedicated to dog training and bullet journaling, but today my 2017 lookback will be about all parts of my life. I realize I may need to introduce myself a bit more as I look back on my year (I haven’t really shared much here at all that isn’t BuJo-related), so here goes:

This is me. And my Princess of Kelpies, Midori, who is one of my three fur children. The other two are Mårran and Valldemar.

I like to train my dogs. They like to train me. This year I didn’t feel like competing, but instead, I discovered Dog Parkour to the joy of Valle and Midori. Mårran is 14 years old – no parkour for her…We have also trained a lot of tricks and other “silly stuff” just for the fun of it. I am a firm believer that it’s the “silly stuff” that pays off in the end – the relation gets stronger, the rules of training gets clearer, we understand each other better, and the history of positive reinforcement gets longer.

I work with dogs in multiple ways.

First: I teach Dog Knowledge at a high school, and I bring my dogs with me. I love to see them train my students! Midori especially loves to be at school, all her friends are there and she gets a LOT of attention. My dogs make me proud every time! Even though they are…well dogs.., that sometimes bark and sometimes behave in ways that may not be how I intended, they always do their best and they always bring smiles to my students.

Second: I have a school for dog owners called KelpieStuds. I am a member of Glädjeklick that is a collection (can you say that?) some of the best (yes, I dare say so!) dog trainers and teachers all over Sweden. I really like being part of the Glädjeklick-team and have co-workers to talk to and plan with! I teach live and online. 2017 has mostly been about the basics, a bit Dog Parkour, and my favorite: Calm and Concentration. During 2017 I have also had a cooperation with my local dog club, and I have had two longer classes that started in February and ended in December.

Third: I work as a photographer specializing in dogs. This part of my business is called KelpiePhoto. And as I am a born teacher I have both online classes and live workshops that teach about photography (more specifically dog photography). This year I also teach photography in general at my high school. During 2017 I started several online-courses, you can find them all HERE. I also made my second video-course for Moderskeppet, about action dog photography. And two days ago I finally finished all my work on my new book about…surprise! Dog photography! It will be released before summer 2018, and I’m soooo proud!

And then there is this little pet project, called The Creative Kelpie, that I started on a whim in June. I tend to do stuff that I think is missing, and this is one of those things. I am a planner. I love structure. I NEED structure because on the inside of my brain chaos is king. And I finally found a system that really works! OF COURSE I need to share it with the world! So I created a Swedish FB-group called Bullet Journal för hundtränare, that now has over 900 members. And then I started this blog and created the e-course. And then I made an English-speaking (well, sort of…) FB-page to go with this blog. And Instagram, to show off my work (over 500 followers today, I’m so happy!!!). An FB-group for English speaking people. A Youtube-channel (don’t know if I’ll be keeping that one, we’ll see…). And as I realized that a lot of people love the idea but lack the time or motivation to make their own planning: an Etsy-shop where I sell printable planning templates for dog training in English, and I sell the same ones in Swedish on Glädjeklicks webshop. And, oh, I have done a live workshop and have two more scheduled…

This has been a busy year. A FUN year. A year of personal development and growth. A year that also has brought some insights that will make 2018 busier still!

My theme for 2018 is FREEDOM. The plans include:

  • Selling our house and moving to a smaller one (but with room for a photo studio!)
  • I have quit my day job and will work my last semester as a high school teacher this spring. After June I’m supposed to make my living of my own business. Maybe. If I don’t change my mind.
  • That means all the other parts of my business will expand. How? You’ll see…
  • We will buy a motorhome and hopefully travel Europe with our dogs. Maybe the Europe-part won’t happen in 2018, but 2019. We won’t rush anything.
  • And I will start competing with my SuperKelpie again. It feels fun and motivating again!

I can’t believe this past year! Small things, small choices, has turned into big events and life-changing decisions. It’s scary! But it’s fun. And I refuse to let fear control my choices – always have, always will.

One last thing:

I have thought a lot about goals lately. How to make them motivating, and especially WHY we choose the ones we choose. If you want to hear me talk about this, I will send live on Facebook, in The Creative Kelpie -group, 1/1 at 17.00 UTC. I English. (I can’t believe I’m spreading this to more people…)




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