Finally some time to spare…And BIG NEWS!

Finally some time to spare…And BIG NEWS!

First thing’s first: the December themes!

Theme for the second week was nose work, and I thought we were training to find tea or coffee, but it turned out she was training to find any scent that was different…:D

We had a lot of fun and something to keep doing in January! Spoiler: the training will involve a LOT of diversion scents…

This week is the third week, and the theme is Body Awareness. I chose rebounds and lifting both legs on one side. The problem with rebounds is that we can only train that outside, and the weather has been…a bit wet, to say the least. So, no rebounds yet. But two legs up is working fine!

Note to self: this is physically hard and she works with new muscles. Keep the sessions short and rest between.

And now…One of the reasons this blog has been a bit quiet lately:

I have finally finished my printables for dog training!

Eleven templates for dog trainers, that you download as PDF to your own computer and print over and over again…

You find the English versions divided into two packs – planner pack and training pack – in my brand new Etsy Shop.

If you prefer Swedish versions you find them in Glädjeklicks webshop.

Want to know what they look like? Here’s a film (Swedish, sorry, but hey – you can still see the designs!)

I can promise you there is more to come, I have big plans for my little shops 🙂

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