First week of December: Do as I do!

First week of December: Do as I do!

In my FB-group December will have one theme for each week, and the first theme is Mimicry!

Train the dog to mimic is interesting and sometimes challengeing, but fun! Two different ideas to try:

Match to sample

Teach the dog to choose the object that looks like the one I’m holding up.

I have found a really good tutorial here:

Do as I do

This is the one I have chosen to work with this week. It’s about teaching the dog to mimic what I do – I show, tell the dog to copy what I do, and the dog mimic my behaviour.

We worked on this a few years ago, and had a lot of fun for a week:

This was three years ago, so we made a fresh start. Update will come!

If you think Do as I do would be fun to try, there is a lot of good information online. Claudia Fugazza has a youtubechannel and a book, I recommend them both!



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