Travelers notebook: Dutch door revisited and repeated. And a preview of December plans!

Travelers notebook: Dutch door revisited and repeated. And a preview of December plans!

Remember my dutch door spread two weeks ago, as an attempt to make a weekly tracker work? Well, it turned out like this:

In other words: SUCCESS! It worked really well, I had the space I need for my dailies and the tracker to remind me of the habits I want to check.

The week after that was really busy and I made a super simple spread with kind of nothing fancy at all, but this week I went for the dutch door again:

And I had to try out my new washi, of course!

As a born procrastinator this seems to be a good way for me to really keep track of when/if I do the things I THINK I do. Strangely enough, there seems to be a difference in “thinking about” and “actually doing”…

And November is my last month in this insert, I have made a new insert for dailies that will start December. I think I will have an “exotic island”-theme in December! To keep my mind off the cold.

I just love how it turned out! I made some research on how to bind it (I sewed the last one but I have troubles making the holes), and after some advice, I will not bind it at all – just keep it in place with the rubber band. Let’s see how that works!

I think this dutch door design will be perfect for planning my dog training as well. In December I will have one theme every week, actually starting Monday 27 November, so be sure to join in! There will be a blog post about it every Monday, a short film (subscribe to my youtube channel to be sure to get it!), and please join in the fun in the FB-group! If you are like me this will be a perfect opportunity to have some much needed “me and my dog-time” in December 🙂

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