Let’s talk about brain dumps…

Let’s talk about brain dumps…

Sometimes it feels like my brain is always on hyperspeed, and I know myself – I need to reset my head now and then. That’s why some days I do absolutely nothing, I sit and binge-watch Project Runway or Supernatural and drink lots of coffee with lots of milk. That’s why I’m not a very social person, I recharge when I’m on my own. And that’s why I do brain dumps.

What is a brain dump?

I guess it differs from person to person, but the basic thing is this: your brain is not made for juggling lots of things at once, and it can not prioritize. That’s why you sometimes remember small things and forget the big and important stuff. That’s why you wake up at four in the morning and are obsessed with how you will make lunch next week. To me, trying to remember things take a lot of energy. A LOT. So I write them down in my journal. Nothing new about that.

Now, I’m a creative person and I get lots of fun ideas that I want to do. Maybe. Maybe not. I love to live my life that way! But: to try to keep all these fantastic ideas in my head, and from there try to make something out of them, just is not going to happen for me…My hard drive isn’t big enough, and some of those ideas seem really good inside my head but when they get out in the world they kind of aren’t that good. And that’s the point. When everything is in my head, it’s very hard for me to know what is worth saving and what isn’t!

So that’s what a brain dump is to me. I write down all my thoughts and ideas at random. Everything that is just “floating around” in there. No order, no categories at this point, just out of my head and onto a piece of paper. It looks like a crazy person wrote it.

Next step is to start editing. I cross out everything that really is crazy. I put things together that are basically the same thing in different words. I do this with pen and paper because that makes sense to my brain. I need to SEE it.

Time to make lists. Things I really want to do get project lists, new ones or existing ones. Things I want to do but not right now ends up on my “one day”-list. And some things I want to think about, and they are my “someday maybe”-list.

So…that’s it. Inspired by Getting Things Done by David Allen.

  1. Dump everything
  2. Cross out crazy stuff
  3. Put similar things together
  4. “One day” or “someday maybe” for things I may want to do in the future.
  5. Project lists for current projects

No photos in today’s post and I guess this blog post actually is one way of doing a brain dump…Write freely about something that you think about. I’m feeling philosophical today, so maybe this makes no sense to anyone but myself, but nevermind…Love to you all!



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