Today is the last day of October, and the last week I have thought about a theme for November. Winter is NOT my thing, and I just couldn’t come up with anything…So I went ahead with “nothing” and made zentangles in black and white:

This is my teacher-BuJo, and I also added a monthly overview and a future plan for upcoming lessons.

Zentangles are a lot of fun! It’s a bit like meditating, and I did this in front of the TV when my mind was too filled up with impressions and needed some calming down. It worked! It’s basically different patterns that repeat themselves in different fields on the paper. I think I’m entering a “zentangle-phase”…

My Midori is a different format, and it has been something of a challenge to find a monthly spread that works well. This, however, I’m quite pleased with!

School on one side, my own business and personal life on the other. I will skip the weeklys all together, but my dailies are essential and this week is blue:

I have a feeling the next week will be zentangles…:)

If you have anything nice to say about November, please leave a comment. November is the worst month, and I need some encouragement…Oh well, it will surely pass this year too!

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