DIY insert for Midori Travelers Notebook

DIY insert for Midori Travelers Notebook

As you know, I love my Midori (both my dog and my traveller’s notebook, but for now I’m going to focus on the TN). There has been only one problem: finding the right insert. Midori’s own inserts are very nice, but they don’t have dot grid that I love working with. I have tried a few places online, but it just wasn’t, you know, right!

I tend to use fountain pens a lot, and I want absolutely no feathering or bleeding. Ghosting I don’t mind. The best paper I have tried is Rhodia dotbook. I love the smoothness!

I also like to make my own designs, and watercolour wet on wet is just…beautiful!

So, I decided to try and make my own insert! Cover with watercolour paper, Rhodia paper on the inside. How hard can it be? Not hard at all, it turned out!

  1. Make the cover. that was fun! Wet on wet, lots of colours, and I added splashes of water to get the pattern.
  2. Cut my papers to the right size. I had to fold them first, to make sure it would look right folded (papers in the middle need to be a bit smaller than the ones at the start and finish!). I made the cover slightly bigger.
  3. I don’t do machines, I’m a bit scared of them. So, I persuaded my husband to drill some holes through what was going to be the spine. Then I used some thick sowing thread and just sewed the papers together. Easy!
  4. The last step was to write “The Creative Kelpie” with a fineliner.
  5. Done!

I have already put it to use, it’s my social media insert where I try to plan and keep track of everything I put out there…

And I put together a small film to show off! (Can you tell I’m kind of proud…?)!

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