How I handle serious procrastination

How I handle serious procrastination

“Tomorrow…I’ll start tomorrow!”

Anyone recognize? Boring things that are necessary to do, but don’t really have a deadline. Tomorrow. Later. Next week. When I have time…(but you NEVER have time, right?)

Normally I’m quite good at getting things done, but there is one thing that gets me every time: bookkeeping. And as a result, it weighs on my mind and steals energy even though I’m not doing anything. Stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid. And yet.

So today I have made a plan! Instead of thinking of “OMG seven months and counting, SO MUCH WORK!” I have divided this overwhelming task into several smaller tasks. Each one is not very hard to do and will take about 30 minutes. Each accomplished task earns me a small reward (and the fabulous feeling of never, ever having to do exactly that task again). When it’s all done I get a bigger reward (I have my eye set on the green Rhodia goalbook…I don’t need it, and don’t even know what I will use it for, but I want it!).

It looks like this:

I’m curious – how do you fight procrastination? What is your best tip to actually get things done?

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