Take action!

Take action!

At the moment I work a lot, and as a result, I tend to place my but in the sofa when I’m done and stay there. The dogs get their walks, of course, but more than that? Kind of nothing…I’m just not inspired to train for competitions because I don’t want to compete right now. It’s cold and rainy and dark, and I don’t want to be outside in the evenings.

Two of my dogs say “That’s fine with us, give us something to chew at and a nice place to sleep near you, and we’re satisfied.” The third one is NOT pleased. “I! WANT! TO! DO! SOMETHING! FUN!” And I get it. I chose an active dog, and that is what I got. I have trained her to think for herself, and that is what she does. So…in order to keep my home from getting destroyed, I have come up with an “activity-plan”.

It’s really simple. On the left, I have listed things that we can do indoors (during commercial breaks) and outdoors (during walks). Simple things for me, but hard for her because she has to think. I mixed in some stuff we always need (recalls), and I have left a place for more stuff. On the left, a simple tracker (the invisible text says “activity tracker”). What gets checked gets done! And I will use my smileys 🙂 On the bottom a review: what was our favourite exercise? The goal is to do at least one thing from the list each day.

This way I don’t have to think when my mind is spent, I can look in my list and choose something. I don’t have to make time, I can do this during walks or watching TV. It’s not one hours training per day, but it’s way better than nothing!

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