The power of smileys

The power of smileys

In August, I started to work out. Not the dogs. Me.

I got tired of puffing like a steam engine during walks in the forest and aching muscles the day after. I mean, come on! That’s not me! I’m a horse-girl, I’m strong because I handle big animals and clean after them, I can ride for hours!

Ok, I haven’t sat on a horse in four years, but…but…but…

No more excuses. Time to take action. One big problem. I HATE to train. And I know, for a fact, that the only thing to do that is going to make me feel better is…to train.

So, I did two things initially.

  1. I signed up for a month online coaching with Eva-Marie Wergård, who is an expert at making dog walks and training come together – that way I didn’t have to put aside extra time, as I already walk my dogs.
  2. I made trackers. With smileys. The goal was three sessions every week, and with the exception of one week, I have actually worked out at least two sessions – mostly three.

The first one…I was so proud when I drew that third smiley! (Well…they weren’t smiling…but you get the idea…)

Interesting fact about my brain: when I made a tracker that I didn’t really like, that was the week I did not work out at all. When I put some effort into my trackers, that really worked.

My favourite one…Look at that cute washi and the stickers! How can you not love this!

And I need to make them week by week. I tried a monthly one that I thought would be really simple:

Nope. Even though I like colours, this isn’t my thing. I want my smileys, and I want the tracker DONE! A whole month is just too long!

So…Never underestimate the power of smileys. And get to know your own brain. Oh, and use pretty washi 😉

And yes – it got easier. Fast. Now I even kind of enjoy running over the field with my dogs, and I REALLY enjoy not being all puffed out. I still have a long way to go, but I have left “hopelessly untrained couch potato” and moved on to ” untrained 41-years old woman with dogs”.

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