DIY bookmarks in Midori Travelers Notebook

DIY bookmarks in Midori Travelers Notebook

The Midori Travelers Notebook comes with only one bookmark, and I have discovered that I need more. Three would be great!

So I fixed that. Cheap and really easy! And while I was at it I pimped the one that was already there with a pearl 🙂

One for each important insert!

The material used is all from Panduro Hobby: thin leather band and “half-gem” pearls.

I started by tying a pearl to the bookmark that was already there, just because I think it looks pretty, and if I use different colors in the pearls it’s easy to know which one is in which insert.

Then I measured a piece of the leather band, a bit longer than two times the length of my notebook (you will need extra for the knots). I tied a pearl at one end, one knot on each side. Then I put it around the seal on the back and through the crack in the leather, and measured the length to be just right (don’t forget to add for the knots for the second pearl). And I tied the other pearl at the other end:

Voilà! All done! Functional, cheap, and pretty!

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