Track your progress

Track your progress

Trackers of different kinds are something a lot of people find very helpful in their BuJo. You can track lots of things…I will divide the trackers I have found into three different categories: How often, when, and progress.

How often

Some things I just want to know how often I do, some things I really want to do more often, and some things I just want to start doing. Trackers can be for a week or for a month, or even a whole year. My latest “how often”-tracker is about training, and looks like this:


Some things happen now and then, and I want to keep track of when and how often to see a pattern. It can be fears, certain behaviours, or physical things like when your female dog is in heat. For me, it’s scratchy ears. Midori has an allergy problem, and I like to know how often she gets itchy in order to see if what I do work or not. I also keep track of Valles “grumpy evenings” to see if there’s a pattern to what he did earlier that day or the day before. Tracking makes it easier to see cause and effect.


This is the one I use the most in dog training! I like to make “projects” of my goals, break them down into small goals, and track how we get better and better. It also helps me to figure out the next step in our training and keep the goal in sight.

I can do this for BIG projects, like my parkour-stuff (the instructor tracker is now fully filled out by the way!):

I can make it for smaller projects, like teaching a new trick (I really like the stairs!):

And yesterday I made one to get an overview of different aspects of a trick:

The main thing is that I choose a form that helps me, and for me, it’s important that I clearly see the end goal and can track if we’re getting closer. Sometimes I write the goal down (if I don’t have a clear vision this usually helps), sometimes it’s enough that I have an image in my head.

Sometimes I just need to get something done, and then I can make a progress-tracker that looks like this:

It’s only a matter of doing the work, and it feels good to see that I’m making progress 🙂

I usually mark the page in some way to make it easy to find again and check in every other week. Washi is perfect for that. Or a paperclip.

Got more ideas? I sure hope so, this should be different for everyone! Do what YOU need.

And if trackers don’t work for you, you can always play with a tennis ball instead! (Greetings from Midori…)






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  1. När jag först hörde talas om BJ (Tack vare din FB-grupp) så var det listorna som jag attraherades av, men trackers är verkligen det som gjort att jag fastnat. Det har verkligen blivit ett lyft för vår träning och jag har skrivit lite om hur jag använder det på min egen blogg. 🙂

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