My setup for my Midori Travelers Notebook

My setup for my Midori Travelers Notebook

The day has finally arrived…I started using my TN yesterday!

A Travelers Notebook is a cover with multiple inserts, to make it easy to keep things “where they belong”. It also makes it easy to just bring along the one I want, or change whatever isn’t working. There are a LOT of brands making inserts and covers, I chose the one named after my dog: Midori.

I have given my setup a lot of thought, to figure out what I need and choose the inserts that will be useful and helpful. I find that it’s something I need to evaluate quite often – how do I use my BuJo best? What do I need? What do I want?

I designed the fronts myself, I will tell you about the pens and paints under each cover.

Let’s go!

The outside is rough leather, and it shows wear and tear in a nice way. I chose a green rubber band because I love green.

My first insert is all about fun and creative stuff. The paper is thick, and it will be interesting to see how it handles watercolors and different pens! The outside is made with black unipins and different gel pens.

Inside my first insert. In case it gets lost, I want it back…Hopefully, this helps.

I am a dailys-person! I love to take five minutes each morning and plan my day. This is made with watercolor, pearl colors from kuretake gansai tambi. Such a nice sheen! Doesn’t show in the photo, of course, so you have to take my word for it…:)

First page. A favorite quote.

And my dailys this week are minimalistic with a splash of green. Midori doesn’t do dot grids (yet), so I chose the next best thing.

Next: my weeklys. Shouldn’t they be first? Maybe…but I think this will work better for my head. Cover made with uni-ball signo broad white.

First page.

Simple monthlys to get an overview, as you can see this is a pre-printed Midori insert. I made it easy for myself, let’s see how that works out 😉

And my week at a glance.

My last insert is all about my business. Unipin and some gray with Faber-castell PITT artist brush pen.

My workflow for a photosession…

Tracker for clients and a schedule for social media…Whatever I need, really!

And a small charm for good luck!

I’ll let you know what worked well and what needs to change in a month!

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