Weeklys or dailies?

Weeklys or dailies?

I’ ve seen this question a few times this past week: “Do you use weeklys or dailies?”

Well, I use both!

Every Sunday I do my planning for the week to come. I look at my calendar and my task list on my phone, make a weekly spread and fill in appointments and tasks on appropriate days. I look at my future log and monthly spread and see if I missed anything. I look at my social media schedule and plan when to do what. I can see the whole week, and that helps me plan for the days ahead.

Then I do my dailies, and again fill in my appointments and the tasks. Why? Because the repetition helps my brain to remember! And in my dailies I have a timeline, so I see right away if I’m trying to put too much in one day (I tend to do that…).

Then, every morning I start with looking at my plan for the day. I alter if needed, add if needed, and get to work. It’s a great routine for me, that lowers my stress to a minimum and keeps me on top of all the things I need to do.

It often looks a little like this:

Takes no time to make. This month is space-themed, so I used black and blue Tombows to paint the background, and then a silver uni-ballSignoo for the text. In case you were wondering 😉 Oh, and I got some cute stickers!

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