BuJo for work (teacher)!

BuJo for work (teacher)!

I’m not quite finished with my vacation spread, but a few more days…:)

But we’re home, and life is back to normal. I started my work as a teacher yesterday, and of course, I had a brand new BuJo that will be just for school stuff!

I chose this one because I think the message fits in the school-world…:D

A beautiful Nuuna with blank pages in white, brown, and blue. Perfect!

And the inside:

First, the school year at a glance.

My schedule (I work Mondays and Thursdays). When the lesson starts, there will be one page per lesson for planning. And I like to have e-mails and phone numbers of my students handy.

Every subject gets two pages to outline the different projects we will work with. Here I will insert the documents about the goals and criteria for each subject.

A weekly/daily and a wish-list of things I want to get for the students before we start.

And that’s pretty much it! I need to do a planning week by week for each subject, and I need to plan special events, but it’s a start!

I’ve kept the design really simple, I have no time to doodle or draw in this one. Some washi is always nice though…;)



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