Slow living

Slow living

Day three of RV-life, and I’m enjoying it even more than I thought I would.

It feels like my mind is reseting, and I think a lot of it is because everything takes time. As I mentioned yesterday it’s suddenly a Big Thing to make a cup of coffee. We can’t leave the dishes for later, we have to clean up right away. No microwave oven means that cooking something takes awhile. Slow living.

We have kept our normal hours, sleep at 22 and up at 6.30, mostly because the dogs are used to it and it’s easier to keep their habits. They are adapting fast! I make sure they get lots of exercise and interesting things to do, and they seem happy and content with living in such a small space.

We have no TV and limited internet, and I fill my days with walking, writing, sketching, and photographing. Swedish nature is stunning!


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