On the road! Monday.

On the road! Monday.

Me and Ola have started a special week of vacation: we have rented an RV and travel around south of Sweden with our two dogs Valle and Midori.

Neither of us have tried this kind of travel before. But we’re embracing the adventure!

We started sunday afternoon (ysterday), and plan to be back saturday.

I made a Dutch Door in my BuJo to keep track of where we go (map first), my daily tasks (I work a bit), and I also plan to use this spread as a small photo-album so I leave space for photos. It’s all in swedish, but I think you get it…The headline means “Eight paws an four feet in an RV” 🙂

The list you see on the left is a list of things we need to get, and need to remember next time. Like salt, a kitchen towel, and so on. It keeps adding…:D

I will keep on marking the places we stop at. This is an almost more or less accurate map of the south of Sweden.

And a quote. I like quotes!

As you could see, our first night was spent at Ales Stenar:

Today we moved first to Brösarps Backar

A dog beach near Yngsjö

I know, no beach in the photo, but I loved the forest nearby!

And last stop Kjugekull.

The dogs are really enjoying themselves!


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