Dog training tip: rebounds

Dog training tip: rebounds

Rebounds, or “jump on a wall” is an impressive dogparkour trick (at least I think so!). It looks like this (not my dog, film from Youtube, have no idea who it is. It’s well done though!):

We started our training a few days ago, but as I thought about it I realised that we actually started our training when we started training “slam” (front paws up), paw target, jump up on things, “around” (run from me, around an object, and back). The knowledge of all these things helps her to learn to rebound.

There are some different ways to teach this, I chose to do it like this:

A simple layout. I started with the goal, to make sure I know – really KNOW, what I want the end behaviour to look like.

I started with the goal, to make sure I know – really KNOW, what I want the end behaviour to look like.

Then I listed knowledge she already has that I think will help her, that way we can repeat them a few times to have them fresh in her mind.

I did my “steps of criteria” starting at the lowest step. I may have to add some steps.

The hardest part was to find an obstacle. I chose to use something that could start at a lower angle and then gradually raise it until it’s parallel to the wall, and then move the behaviour to other walls, stones, or whatever surface. A rock maybe? A board against the wall? My eye fell on an old lid for our well. It’s big, heavy, and in concrete = a good surface. And it’s movable. I used the wife-card and went to my hubby…”Please, can you move the lid to a 45-degree angle? It’s too heavy for me…” (That means “I’m too lazy to do it”, and we both know it. But he usually plays along, because he’s very nice.)

We started off with repetition of “slam”, added a bit of distance, and she did that beautifully with speed and in both directions (IMPORTANT to train both sides!). How to get those back paws up…? I told her to jump up, and then directly rewarded jumping down – the same movement as before but added back paws. She didn’t quite get it…I started clicking back paws and made sure she had a lot of speed. Yes! One time…two times…three times…change direction!

About ten minutes of training time is definitely enough. This is an explosive movement (that’s why I used washi-tape with fireworks, to remind me that it can be dangerous if not controlled), and the dog needs a good warm-up and a good slowing-down after. And a bit of massage is never wrong.

Next day I let her do other things and exercise different muscles, to make sure she wouldn’t get sore.

And yesterday, she did perfect 45-degree rebounds! She is the Best Kelpie In The World…<3

The next step is to film it, increase distance, move the lid gradually to 90 degrees, and then move the behaviour. We named it “flip”.

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