Time to look back!

Time to look back!

I started my BuJo career at the start of June. A LOT has happened since then! I live and learn, and I am going to share some of my wisdom (and a flip-through-film for the nerdy ones…)

  • Let your BuJo be based on your needs. Every spread I have put in “just because someone else has it” has been a waste of space. I never look at it again.
  • Learn and adapt. To know what you need you’ve got to try things! I’m skipping habit-trackers from now on – I never look at them and they make me feel guilty. Maybe in a month, I will start again. BUT! I KNOW that I never look at them because I TRIED them!
  • Let your future log take up a little space. That is one thing I am going to do differently next time: the future log is much more important in my life than I thought.
  • Week numbers, dates, and names of days. I need them all.
  • Yes, the priority for me is a functional BuJo. But. I LOVE to make it look pretty. Using my BuJo as an outlet for creativity, use colours, write nicely, use washi tape, paint – it makes me happy in a way I never knew. So, I’m going to spend the time it takes, and see it as therapy 😉
  • I love the morning habit that has evolved: I take my first cup of coffee, and sit down and think about my day. I gather information from my weekly log, my monthly log, my to-do-list in my phone, and my google calendar. I write it down with check boxes. I make sure nothing gets forgotten. It makes my day so much easier, and I get much more stuff done.
  • And last but not least – I love sharing. Ideas, doodles, nice layouts. As long as you will read, I will write (and draw, and doodle, and photograph).

And here’s my walk-through:



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