Dog training tip: jump between!

Dog training tip: jump between!

As Midori and I proceed in our Parkour training, it gets harder and harder. One thing I have noticed is that she lacks understanding of “jump from one object to the next without landing on the ground inbetween”. And I can understand her, I mean why wouldn’t she take the “easy way”?

So I had to think about how to train this. I made a simple plan, listed three levels for us to train, and also thought about what will be a bit challenging for me:

I don’t think it’s the training plan that will make all the difference (let’s face it, it’s very basic), but the fact that I took the time to think about a training plan, and the effort to write it down in a way that someone else can (I hope so anyway) understand. THAT makes a difference. And I got some new ideas to try! Think. Plan.

Think. Plan. What’s your goal? Write it down. Break it down. Make tasks of it. Review.

Now it’s time to create (train), and then repeat the process all over again – and make adjustments if needed as we go along.

It will be FUN! (Want to join me? That would be awesome! Tell me about your success!)

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