More colour in my weekly!

More colour in my weekly!

For next week I had something special I wanted to try…Two things, actually!

First: The Dutch door (or my version). A Dutch door in a BuJo is a spread with smaller pages inside the spread. Makes sense? Let me show (normally there is just one extra page, but I really wanted the whole week!):

I made my Dutch door simply by cutting the paper, and tape what was left with a strip of washi. Pretty!

Second: The colouring. I have been fascinated with my new Watercolour brush pens, and wanted to really try them! So I made a frame and then used a water-brush to make the faded effect. For some colours it was enough to use the colour from the frame I already made, for others I simply transferred colour from the coloured pen to the water-brush and added where needed. The whole squares are covered in water and paint. “How did the paper hold up?” you all ask? Excellent! Much better than expected! This is a Leuchtturm1917 and I painted on both sides (let dry between though), but there is hardly any ghosting and no bleeding. The paper gets nice and crisp and I love that “worn” feeling! I will try some different pens when I write on it, to see if there is a difference (there should be!).

The pens are easy to work with, both draw and write, and the colours are beautiful. I’ve seen them on Wish for a really good price (much cheaper than the 400 sek I paid…) I am excited to try them out!

What does your weekly spread look like? Show them on TheCreativeKelpie’s FB-page!

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