Bullet Journal dog training plan: front paws up!

Bullet Journal dog training plan: front paws up!

One of the first things I taught Midori when she was a puppy, was to put her paws on a pot and circle with her hind legs. I did that to teach her multiple things: interact with a (metal) object, learn the shaping game, use her paws, balance, strength, get to know her back end, and it is a good movement in obedience training.

She looked like this (12 weeks old):

Now, when we are training Parkour, the behaviour resurfaces as “front paws up” and is a really easy and fun behaviour to train. But how do you start?

To help you out, I made a spread in my Bullet Journal Feel free to steal my ideas!

I started with the goal. What does it look like? Then an inventory: does my dog need any prior knowledge? After that: what equipment do I need?

Then I made a step by step description and made checkboxes. For my dog, step three is not necessary – but that depends on how you train!

On the other page, I made a tracker for seven days. This is an easy trick, and training ten minutes every day gets you a long way. I made it a mood-tracker, to measure how fun the training has been. And I left space for comments.

I like to have my training plan “at a glance” without all the text, so I made a staircase. I like the staircase, it’s a bit symbolic and it’s easy to put in more steps if necessary. For each step we are one step closer to the goal, and I get to draw a star (because my dog is a star). Also room for comments.

And then I end it with some ideas of how to keep working with the “front paws up”-trick.

We have actually trained all of these. Midoris favourite is the last one: close cabinets!

I would love to know if this was helpful to you, if you got any new ideas for training your dog or for a spread in your BuJo!

And if you haven’t started planning your dog training – your BuJo is the perfect place for it! Haven’t got one? Don’t know how to start?

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(And…it’s a perfect trick for cute photos!)



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