I had a post planned on reviewing new pens today, but they didn’t arrive yesterday so that post has to wait.

Instead, I’m going to write about something else entirely!

I’m doing the #bohoberrychallenge, and this month it’s about personal growth. Really interesting to think about! It’s only a challenge, nothing serious, but it feels good to think about the “deeper things” in life if even just a little bit. Yesterday the question was “what is personal growth to you?”. I had nothing. I mean, I know what personal growth is! Sort of…Or do I?

I thought about how I wanted to do the challenge. Doodle? Quote? Photo? Drawing? I looked at other people’s comments. I googled quotes. And then I went to bed.

So this morning, I realised how I wanted to do it:

It all comes down to this one word, at least to me.


What do you believe in today?

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