July is closing in!

July is closing in!

I like to do a monthly spread in my personal BuJo (my Leuchtturm), to get an overview of my month.

I always start with a review of last month – what worked? What didn’t work? And then I adapt and edit my setup.

This month I wanted to include the weeknumbers, a tasklist for things that just need to be done whenever, a tracker for my weight, and a quote I like. I wanted the colours to be clean and serene, so I went with blue to green – like sky and grass.

First step: sketch. That way I know that everything fits.

I did my sketching in front of Supernatural on the computor, so it took me awhile šŸ™‚

Next – the backgroundcolour. I used FaberCastell aquarelle pencils, and a brush with water (see before/after. Water is added on the left side first, to prevent me from smearing it.)

And 0,8 mm unipen for the lines. I do the background first, to make sure the black lines stay put. There is always a risk of smearing them with a brush.

Looks really nice and clean I think!

I then did the small titles with my 0,1 unipen, and used a brushpen for the rest. The brushpen is brand new and only have japanese signs…I have no idea what it is called, but I love it! It’s a bit smaller than Tombows or Sakuras, and really easy to use. Takes awhile to dry though, as you can see I smeared it a little…

And I added some washi on the side of the page, to easily find it.

There it is, ready to be filled with notes šŸ™‚ July is going to be FUN!

You like it? Leave a comment, and tell me what you want in your monthly spread!


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