Future Log

Future Log

One of the things I enjoy with my BuJo is how I make it as I go along. That gives me the freedom to alternate between different layouts and try different things. If they work – perfect! I’ll repeat until I want to try something new. If they don’t work – I just turn the page.

But. I still need somewhere to write things, that I know will happen. Appointments and other stuff I need to do. That’s where the future log comes in!

So – first my index. Then my key. then, because I want to, a page about my dogs.

And then – the future log! How long you want to do is up to you. I don’t have much planned for my dogs more than three months, so I chose a six-month spread. I love the circle. It’s so…round!

In my personal BuJo I tried two other varies:

Which ones are the best? Well…that’s really up to you! And there are lots of other designs…Personally, I do not like the 2017-page. I do like the 2018, but I don’t know if there will be enough room. I’ll find out, and if I don’t want it, I can change it into something new!

The Future log is for short notes. Every month I do a monthly spread with more details, every week a weekly spread, and every day a daily page. It’s different depending on if it’s for my dog training or my life, but I’ll show you. In a few days 🙂

Do you want shorter notes more often? Join the creative kelpie on Facebook! Or maybe just photos? The creative kelpie on Instagram, or Bujo for dogtrainers if you are more specific in your wants!


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